Remote Sensing
We concentrate on production of image interpretation chains for the users. Our expertise is recognised in domestic and international market with specialisation in forestry applications, geometric and radiometric corrections of images and image mosaicing.The image data is originated in airborne or satellite instruments. We analyse both optical and radar images.

IN-RIMT in Remote Sensing
   We use a new concept in data management to reach the appropriate set of parameters for our customers' desired operations. Capturing data, creating information and seeking the neccesary knowledge needed to reach our customers' demands, is drilling down through masses of data for the right response. Professionally, we use highly qualified experts with a long list of successful operations and project implementations. We see that our customer receives the personal attention of each and every professional in the new data drilling process.

   Photogrammetry is about measurement of objects by means of photographs. The main application is production of technical and topographic maps or data bases from aerial photographs ( photogrammetric mapping ). There are many other uses, among others production of height or surface models of the landscape and of industrial objects as well as their changes. The technology is changing much. Instead of Photographs, digital images, which can be processed in a computer, may be used. Photographs are digitized by means of scanners or digital images are produced by means of digital cameras. The processing of digital images makes possible new applications and automation of the process. It is expected that large format images can be taken with digital flight cameras in a few years.

IN-RIMT in Photogrammetry
   Whether you're looking to address current business challenges, future technology needs, or a combination of both, IN-RIMT has the solution for your company. Across the country, IN-RIMT has supported the computing needs of its customers for more than 11 years. Today we serve the needs of the professional community with a range of software and hardware services that support many technical disciplines. We provide total support for all your computing needs.

   IN-RIMT established in 1992  provides survey and dimensional engineering services to the construction, civil, petrochemical and railway industries. We started out purely as Land Surveyors. We have now expanded to offer a very wide scope of measurement services. Our services in this sector range from small site boundary surveys to the monitoring of underground tunnel deformation, from setting out grid lines for building construction to complete measured building surveys. The projects vary in nature, but our principle of producing high quality work is always paramount.

IN-RIMT in Survey
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